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Inventory  (Let Us Tell You Your Best Selling)
Centralize all your product together with ITG Point Of Sales where Classification, Product, Price, Promotion and Inventory location in one single interface.
  • Import or Migrate data Into ITG Point Of Sales System with more than 5000 item 
  • Multi PLU Code
  • Centralize interface  
  • Minimum RCP which prevent business to sell item at loss
  • Analyze your stock to prevent over purchase from vendors 

Modifier Options provide another level of customization for your products. Whereas Modifiers customize a product, Modifier Options specify how. Like, specifying an amount or type.

When it comes to pricing, ITG Point of Sales offers a total solution and flexibility. Automate discount, multi level pricing and seasonal promotion whether is to customers, supplier or employee it’s already to serve your client when it’s was time to sell.
  • Period Discount by date/ time / week
  • Multilevel Pricing
  • Seasonal Promotion
  • Employee Discount
  • Distribution Pricing
  • Geographical Pricing

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