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Software Management

Inventory  (Let Us Tell You Your Best Selling)
Centralize all your product together with ITG Point Of Sales where Classification, Product, Price, Promotion and Inventory location in one single interface.
  • Import or Migrate data Into ITG Point Of Sales System with more than 5000 item 
  • Multi PLU Code
  • Centralize interface  
  • Minimum RCP which prevent business to sell item at loss
  • Analyze your stock to prevent over purchase from vendors 

Modifier Options provide another level of customization for your products. Whereas Modifiers customize a product, Modifier Options specify how. Like, specifying an amount or type.

When it comes to pricing, ITG Point of Sales offers a total solution and flexibility. Automate discount, multi level pricing and seasonal promotion whether is to customers, supplier or employee it’s already to serve your client when it’s was time to sell.
  • Period Discount by date/ time / week
  • Multilevel Pricing
  • Seasonal Promotion
  • Employee Discount
  • Distribution Pricing
  • Geographical Pricing

Multiple Language (Software)

In today’s modern world, companies are expanding their operation and view globally to compete against their competitors . ITG Point Of Sales System is all ready with multiple  language  
  • Multiple Language 
  • Multi Printer Support
  • Multi Product PLU
  • Multi Pricing Level

Reporting & Analysis

ITG Point Of Sales Report

What is my Best-Selling Item? When is the Peak Hours? Who is my last customer?  How is my Customer Purchasing Behavior? Our New ITG Reporter system not only provide raw data, it provides information of customer purchasing behavior, best-selling item, item report and also staff reporting. Every single data that has been captured on our Point Of Sales (ITG) will be translate into information and insight that help your business to grow.

Understand Customer Purchasing Behavior 
  • Gain marketing insight 
  • Say no to dusty item
  • Plan for Rush Hour

More than 40 Reports

Total discount, sales amount, item purchased, agent sales, commission and everything that you would like to know is right here on your Reporter System. ITG Point Of Sales System allow you to print or export all the report that you need in your preference format.

  • A wide range of report included 
  • Export in customer preference format 
  • See how business performing 
  • Check Sales by staff
  • Fast key for Top 10 Item by month / years / day / week 
  •  Real Time Daily End of Day Report



Front End (Operation)

Minimal Training
ITG Point Of Sales System is an intuitive system that will make your staff’s job easier and rewarded with efficient employee.
  • User friendly interface 
  • Minimal training requires 
  • Dual Screen Support

Access Level
Retain control over your business with ITG Point Of Sales System Permission setting by staff or by user group with more than 80 access capability.
  • Create staff with specific function and authority
  • Control more than 80 access capability individually or by user group
  • Manage the capability of your team and assigned task based on role

Customer Loyalty

Next level Of Customer service
With ITG Point Of Sales system, customers will get a truly unique  experience that they can’t get anywhere else no matter in F&B or Retail industry.
  • Create  unique customer detail 
  • Fast key to create customer detail 
  • Add quick notes about customer 
  • Assign Multi discount on customer 
Dual Screen Feature
Expand the reach of your product with a POS System that can promote your product on customer screen and provide product information.
  • Show description and item on second screen 
  • Impress customer with a modern interface 
  • Reduce the question and provide more information to customer with dual screen display 
  • Slide Show for month promotion
Customer Data
Keep all your customer information in your POS System and learn how to keep trace customer behavior and adapt to customer demand in order to make sure they will return back into your store. Understand and adopt customer customer’s lifetime value will help in expanding your business in future.
  • Keep the  purchase history of customer 
  • Gather customer information 
  • Never run out of best- seller 
  • Follow trends

Management (Optimize Your Operation)

Customizable menu 

Build your menu in minutes and easily update from Cloud System. Keep your staff informed on your menu items and show customer mouthwatering photo of your dishes and drinks that will make them order more. 
  • Update your menu easily 
  • Menu with Description, Code, or high -res photo of dishes 
  • Keep your waiter informed with promotion set, run out of stock or wine pairings 
Adjustable floor plan 

Your restaurant will never too busy for our pos system. Update your floor plan in real time to accommodate last minute dine in and big group.
  • Real Time update floor indication 
  • Color indication to show if a table is free, occupied or ready to pay 
  • Custom your table and décor to properly present your interface

Stock Management
Make sure your staff doesn’t order something that you’ve run out. Keep track on it and never run out of your best-selling items.
  • Enable / disable run out of stock item with just a single click
  • Avoid disappointment customer by ordering.
  • Report on stock sold or purchased
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